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About Us

Our love for sports and dance through the years had lead us to the mesmerizing world of Pole Fitness. It was love at first site and became a way of living. Living in this world daily we listened, felt and shared to the needs and wishes of people engaging not only in Pole Fitness but in the majority of most of the Aerial Sports.  What best than having the willingness and potential to fulfil the wishes and needs we all share for a safe “flight” in the magical world of Aerial Arts. 

We are a start up business with multi years of experience not only in Pole Fitness but sports in general. We constantly follow seminars and all the new trends, keeping though the fundamental values of the aerial sports community, so that we can provide our customers whatever they may need in the most efficient way and best possible price.

We collaborate with the best companies in the area of aerial arts while keep looking for new and reliable products in the best prices, in our to ensure a big variety for our customers. All our products are certified and go through quality controls before reaching your hands.



Proud co-organisers and sponsors of Poleart Greece. Poleart Greece is an POSA official competition.