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Tite Grip is a topical hand cream which was formulated to stop your hands from perspiring, it is non-sticky and works between 4 – 6 hours. For optimal use, apply 30-60 minutes prior to activity.
To apply Tite Grip put a small amount in your hands and rub them together, you will immediately feel three things happen:
• Moisture will be drawn from your hands
• Your hands will become temporarily sticky
• Your hands will become dry and stay dry
• Tite Grip will keep your hands & feet dry while skiing. You will stay dry, feel warmer and ski longer.

The different between titegrip I & titegrip II
They are same basic formula and have the same scent (Lavender)
TG I -Is the original formula. If you use too much, your hands could temporarily turn white. It is the most popular with the people who have Hyper Hi Drusus….or serious perpetration problems.
TG II – Is the most popular. It’s creamier, easier to put on and is good for your contact points.

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